Top of the Class TX

The Kinkaid School

Houston, TX 77024


Matching student athletes to America's top academic institutions

Aspiring to play field hockey at an upper echelon college or university is both exciting and challenging.  We have designed this event to benefit the student athletes who desire to pursue this goal. Top of the Class is our answer to the numerous requests from college coaches, student athletes and their parents to offer an opportunity where we can expose current players to a variety of coaching styles, play among the competition, show off individual strengths and become an overall better player.

We’ve assembled a number of the top coaches and instructors from prominent colleges within our national field hockey network in order to mentor players in the process of recruiting, academic admissions criteria and what it takes to play field hockey at the collegiate level. You can expect to learn much more about the college recruiting process from the people who do it: the recruiting rules, who to talk to, what to expect on visits, how to communicate with coaches and a whole lot more.  Whether or not our group of coaches represents the specific schools you might be looking to attend in particular, you will nonetheless gain a valuable perspective into the process as it pertains to scholar athletes at any of the top academic institutions.

The Top of The Class Camp is open to players graduating high school in 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024. Enrollment will be limited in order to ensure each participant receives maximum exposure to our coaches and other speakers such as college guidance counselors. We also highly encourage parent participation in order to get the most out of this exclusive opportunity. This is a great chance to be seen by coaches and potentially open doors to college contacts and the world of field hockey beyond the high school level.

About Our Coaches

Committed Coaches - TX

  • Alix Barrale Williams College

  • Gina Wills Washington & Lee University

  • Rachel Palumbo Middlebury College 

  • Kelly Harchetts Union College

  • Jomara Coghlan Washington & Jefferson Univ. 

  • Victor Brady Bryn Mawr College

  • Christine Kemp, Wesleyan University

  • Chrissy Needham, Connecticut College

  • Aimee McFarland, Dickinson College

  • Callie Lekas, Wellesley College

  • Jaime Ginsberg, Smith College

  • Bre Lowe, Hamilton College

  • AND MORE....

Camp Details

Airport Travel: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston)
Surface: Artificial Turf Fields
Hotel Accommodations: Aloft Marriott

Any questions, email

Saturday Camp Schedule
9:00AM – Warm-Up
9:20 – 10:32- Small Game/ Rotations
10:35 – 11:20 – Tactical Game Play/ Rotations
11:30 Full Field Scrimmages
1:20 Hockey 5s
2:10- Shooting Demos & Free Choice
2:30 – Shooting Stations
3:00 – Leadership Exercises & Full Field Games
4:00 - Dismissal

Sunday Camp Schedule
9:00AM – Warm-Up
9:20 – 10:32- Small Game/ Rotations
10:35 – 11:20 – Tactical Game Play/ Rotations
11:30 Full Field Scrimmages
1:00 Dismissal