We’re Setting the Field on Fire!

You bring your best…and we bring the rest! Revolution Camps is based in some of the newest, top-quality fields and facilities across the nation. Every camp and field hockey clinic is led by elite coaches who have dedicated their lives to helping players amp up their athletic performance to exceptional levels.

Our goal is to make each camp a unique experience. There’s no one-size-fits-all program when it comes to premier field hockey performance. Instead, each Camp Director brings their unique style to the field, implementing proven teaching methods and coaching techniques while meeting individual (and team-wide) needs.

Underlying our love of winning is an equal passion for camper safety. Through constant supervision by our coaches and athletic trainers, respect of the rules (and other players), and strict adherence to health and safety guidelines, players can push their personal limits while securing their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We’re Leading the Way

A revolution only succeeds when it has passionate leaders at the forefront, which is why we’ve drawn our Camp Directors from national teams, top NCAA programs, and prestigious educational institutes. They’re not just coaches…they’re stellar role models who inspire athletes to win in games and in life. Through an exclusive camp partnership, all Revolution Field Hockey Camp Directors are Double-Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national nonprofit developing “Better Athletes, Better People.” Learn more about PCA here.

Beyond this, Revolution Field Hockey Camps officially partners with field hockey’s most prominent organizations, including the United States Field Hockey Association,National Field Hockey Coaches Association, and Harrow Sports.

Safety, Supervision & Respect

We take camper safety seriously. Campers remain on campus under staff supervision for the duration of the camp. Our staff resides in the dorms with the campers at all overnight camps. Athletic Trainers are available to provide injury prevention & first aid response. Field hockey campers are expected to show respect towards other campers and the host facility. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are strictly forbidden, and will result in immediate dismissal from camp without refund.

Session Highlights

  • Harrow Reversible Jersey, Lanyard, & Ball
  • Fun-filled Evening Activities at Overnight Camps
  • Speed & Agility Trainers *
  • Nutrition Seminars *
  • Film Sessions *
  • Sports Psychologists*
  • Combine Testing*
  • Personal Evaluations
  • Take Home Drill Booklet filled with motivational stories, team & individual drills, fitness training & fun
  • Daily Prizes & Camp Awards

*Select Locations

Field Hockey Training - Break
Field Hockey Clinics - Enjoying Field Hockey Camp