What Qualities Should you Look For in a Field Hockey Camp?

Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want to attend field hockey camp. However, with so many good ones out there to choose from every summer, you must look a little deeper to make sure you’re committing to one that’s the right fit.

At Revolution Field Hockey Camps, we work very hard to ensure you get a full experience that is fun and unforgettable on multiple levels. While the qualities people look for in a field hockey camp can differ, we build and organize all of ours with the same five core values in mind: excellence, fun, improvement, safety and sportsmanship.

Quite plainly, our mission is to provide young athletes with the opportunity to become better field hockey players with instruction from some of America’s best coaches in a positive and fun environment.

Having excellence be one of our core values shouldn’t be shocking. At the end of the day, you’re attending one of our camps to get better! From our instructors to the curriculum, we make sure that goal is reached.

Providing a top-notch experience includes having fun, don’t you think? The daily schedule is set up on purpose to bring about meaningful interaction with fellow campers and hopefully create lasting memories and friendships!

Improvement makes a lot of sense, too. Nobody wants to leave field hockey camp as the same exact player they were when they checked in. Our staff is dedicated toward the development of every camper, which is why we provide as much personal attention as possible and set goals to strive for.

We take great pride in hiring a staff that’s responsible and are trained to be role models for the campers they come into contact with. If you don’t feel as though you’re in a safe environment, then there’s no way you’ll be able to get the full experience at Revolution Field Hockey Camp.

Last, but certainly not least, sportsmanship is something we always abide by. This includes on-field lessons of integrity, honesty and mutual encouragement amongst your teammates.

What can you expect from attending one of our field hockey camps? Attendees will learn to play the game through a variety of formats. There will be ways to improve every aspect of your game, from speed and agility training to both team and individual drills. If you decide to join us for an overnight, there are more opportunities to get an even greater benefit from camp through our evening team-bonding activities.

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