How to Choose Field Hockey Gear

Field Hockey Gear - Player Huddle

When it comes to playing field hockey, the gear you use is pretty important. In order to play the game right – and safely – you need to have a lot of equipment. Without the equipment, you wouldn’t be allowed to play, but even if someone were to let you, you would not be able to play well and you would likely be hurt. What this tells you is that picking out gear really matters. If you plan on going to a field hockey summer camp or just want to start playing field hockey in general, you need to make sure you have all of the gear. In order to help, use the following information to find out the basic gear you will likely need.

The Basic Field Hockey Gear

One of the most obvious things you will need to play field hockey is a stick. You want to make sure you get a field hockey stick, which has two sides, as opposed to a stick for any other sport. Field hockey guidelines require the stick to be 26 ounces or less. However, there is a whole lot more you need on your list than just a stick. You also need all of the following.

· Cleats
· Shin guards
· Mouth guard
· Gloves

You might also want to get a field hockey ball and/or goal if you want to practice at home, but this is not necessary. If you do decide to buy these, remember that there are certain rules as to the size and weight of a field hockey ball is, as well as a specific size to the goal. If you want to practice correctly, you will need to get the right sizes so that you can truly mimic the real experience.

If you do want to practice at home, you can get away with just buying a ball. You can practice a lot without having a goal, or you can simulate a goal without having to actually purchase one.

Field Hockey Gear for Goalies

It is often said that the goalie is the most important player on the field. That is because this is the last line of defense against the other team scoring. Because of this, you need to be really good to play this position, and it comes with a lot of prestige. However, it also comes with a lot more gear to buy than the other positions, which means you will have to invest a lot more if you want to be the goalie. Field hockey goalie equipment includes

· Helmet with a full cage – this means that a regular helmet is not enough, you also need full face protection.
· Throat protector – this straps around your neck to make sure you do not get hurt by a ball hitting you in the throat.
· Blockers – this goes with your gloves and helps you block the ball from going in the goal.
· Kickers – these are worn over your shoes and protect you when you are kicking the ball back out onto the field.
· Arm protectors – to protect your arms.
· Body gear, goalie girdle, goalie hotpants – protective gear that will cover your body.

Even with all of this gear, you still need the equipment that everybody else uses as well. All of this is just on top of everything else you have to buy. So if you want to play goalie, before you purchase all of the necessary gear, you may want to find some you can borrow so you can play the position first and decide if you like it. If you play for a school, they may have a lot of this gear already. If you are serious about the sport, though, and this position in particular, you may want to have your own gear that you feel comfortable in.

Picking Out Equipment

When you go to pick out equipment, there is more to it than just a list of things you need. You need to know where to shop, how to pick it out, and where is the best price. There are ways to help do this.

· Where can you buy your gear? Many sporting stores carry field hockey equipment, especially if you live in a place where the sport is big. You can visit many of the larger chains or find a local store in your area to purchase. You can also find field hockey equipment online. It is better to purchase equipment you will be wearing in person but if you cannot find it in a store, online is a good bet to find whatever you need.

· How do I pick out my gear? There are many factors to consider when purchasing gear. The price, fit, and style are three big ones. If possible, you should always try the gear on first to make sure it fits and is comfortable. Even if you cannot find the gear in stores, many of the bigger sports chains will help you order the gear and send it to the store where you can test it then. You also may want to take fashion and style into account. If you want to look a certain way when you are playing, whether you want to look stylish, intimidating, or anything else, there is likely gear that will help you accomplish this. It is not a necessity, of course, but it is something you personally may want to consider.

· How much should I be paying? Another tip to picking the right gear is price shop. Look around online and at various stores to see what the cost of your gear should be so that you know if you are getting a good deal when you are ready to purchase.

You do not want to go to the first store you see that has field hockey gear and get everything on your list. Remember to shop around and get the gear that is right for you.

Now that you know everything you need to get, you can head to the store with confidence. Soon, you are going to be properly equipped and ready to start playing field hockey.