Types of Field Hockey Camps

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No matter what you’re looking for while searching around for the right summer field hockey camps, there’s a fit for everyone. We know people have other commitments to tend to, and want to ensure there are as many options to choose from as possible.

After all, field hockey camp is as fun as it is useful toward building your on-field skills! It’s sometimes tough to keep track of all the different kinds of camps out there, which is why we wanted to break it down one-by-one right here.

At Revolution Field Hockey Camps, we offer a total of eight different kinds of experiences:


Overnight Field Hockey Camps

For those who don’t mind spending a few nights away from home, this is a four-day, three-night all-inclusive field hockey opportunity. There’s a lot of time to fill over this time period, but we do a great job of keeping you busy!

This includes a comfortable dorm room accommodation, all-you-can-eat buffet meals, entertaining evening activities and – most importantly – more than six hours of top-notch field hockey training each day.


Extended Day Camps

Does the thought of getting over six hours of field hockey instruction each day sound awesome? Would you rather just head home once you’re done and sleep in your own bed? Well, we definitely don’t blame you there!

If that’s the kind of experience you’re looking for, then choosing from one of our extended day field hockey camps is right up your alley. The daily drills and activities typically run from 9am-9pm, so basically the only thing you wouldn’t be doing at camp is getting some rest.

Also, there’s no need to pack a bunch of food for the day. Just make sure you have a good breakfast – lunch and dinner are included.


Day Camps

Spending 12 hours a day at field hockey camp sure does sound awesome, but it’s a pretty large time commitment that’s sometimes tough to manage with other responsibilities you and/or your family may have.

With that in mind, we also offer day field hockey camps that generally run during a typical workday. Check-in on the first day is at 8:30am, but the first session will start at 9am and finish at 3pm.

We like to hit the ground running, so make sure you’re ready to rock by 8:55 each of the four mornings so we can warm up and get right into it.


Half-Day Camps

It’s never too early to start training in a fun and positive environment! One of our many goals is to grow the game of field hockey as much as possible, and we do that by offering half-day camps for all children ages 6 and up.

Don’t have any field hockey equipment? No problem! We’ll have equipment available that can be borrowed before going out and spending money on it.


Top of the Class Camp

Do you have a goal of eventually playing field hockey in college? Well, there won’t be many opportunities to get guidance and instruction from multiple NCAA head coaches in one camp. Thankfully, the opportunity is available via this option at Revolution!

The Top of the Class Camp focuses specifically on following those athletic dreams into the next phase of your life.


Team Camps

Field hockey camp isn’t just about coming to hone your individual skills…why not bring the whole team! We encourage it and will assign the appropriate housing and training goals for your squad to make the experience as customized as possible.


Rise Camps

This camp was made to combine our traditional focus on the game’s fundamentals with the unique and intense experience where we challenge campers to not only play as part of a team, but think and commit to being part of one, as well.


Core Camps

Are you a talented player looking to take your game to the next level? Then a Core Camp is the right option. This program is designed to provide a high level of individualized instruction and feedback. It’s led by Katharine DeLorenzo, head coach of Middlebury College and is limited to 50 players.

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