Choosing the Right Field Hockey Camp

The main purpose of finding the right field hockey camp to attend each summer is to get better on the field, but we know it’s more than that. This is why Revolution Field Hockey Camps are dedicated to providing young athletes with the opportunity to become better at their craft.

We accomplish this by providing instruction from the country’s elite coaches in a positive and fun environment. The last part right there – a positive and fun environment – is key. We know why you wanted to find a field hockey camp in the first place, but we’re dedicated to giving you an overall experience you won’t forget!

Revolution Field Hockey Camps are all built upon the same five core values: excellence, fun, improvement, safety and sportsmanship.

Part of what makes this experience unforgettable is our dedicated staff putting together a progressive curriculum. And we’re not all business – we make sure it’s fun! We want our campers to create lasting memories and friendships with those they meet.

We know it’s serious, but it’s still a game and it’s supposed to be fun, which is what we always keep in mind.

Obviously, the top goal is for campers to see improvement in their game from the time they check in until the time they check out. We boast a low camper-to-coach ratio to provide personalized instruction to ensure this happens for everyone who signs up with us.

For the parents – we know there is always a certain level of uneasiness when you leave your child anywhere, whether it’s for a few hours or a few days. That’s why we promote a safe and healthy camp environment with a responsible staff that supervises all camp activities.

Last, but certainly not least, all Revolution Field Hockey Camps focus on sportsmanship by providing leadership opportunities that lead to on-field lessons of honesty, integrity and mutual encouragement.

Our staff is able to do this because every single director and coach employed by us is Double-Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). The PCA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to developing athletes both on an off the field, and they stand by they motto of “Better Athletes, Better People.”

It also doesn’t hurt that we’re partnered with some of the sport’s most well known organizations, such as the United States Field Hockey Association, the National Field Hockey Coaches Association and Harrow Sports. There’s a reason why we’re leading the way in providing camps to young field hockey athletes, and it should be no surprise that this is the backbone of our program.

If you can find all of these things at a field hockey camp, then it’s definitely worth signing up and attending. We’re looking forward to meeting you this summer!

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