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If you love field hockey and are looking for a way to get better on the field – both mentally and physically – then you’ve come to the right place! Revolution Field Hockey Camps have been around since 2002 and we’ve had the pleasure of helping more than 10,000 youth athletes improve their game.

What makes us different from all the other field hockey camps out there? We offer plenty of drills and opportunities to meet other players and form friendships, but nobody else is able to put together the kind of staff that we can. Our coaches are some of the best in the sport, ranging from college champions, top high school coaches, and even those with experience in the Olympics.

So, you’ll never have to question the kind of instruction you’d be getting at a Revolution Field Hockey Camp – it’s always of the elite variety. What skills will these coaches help you hone on the field, though? It depends on your position.

If you’re a field player, here are the 11 skills that we’ll focus stations, drills, and small games on to help you get better:

  • Ball control
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Goal scoring
  • 3D skills
  • Footwork & Conditioning
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Team Play & Strategy
  • Tackling
  • Off-Ball movement
  • Positioning
  • Special situations

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the goalies! There will also be stations, drills, and small games available to focus on the following 10 skills:

  • Clearing & accuracy
  • Angles
  • Diving & stacking
  • Communication
  • Recovery
  • Footwork
  • Strokes
  • Agility
  • Glove & pad work
  • Kicking, jabbing, cross-overs, lunge, etc.

Each one of our camps has specialized goal keeper instructions. Every day of camp starts with individual skills and advances to live play and shots.

And that’s just the beginning! We want to help you learn how to play the game through a variety of different formats, including speed and agility training to team and individual drills. Having a holistic approach like this allows you to get better in every aspect of your on-field game.

In addition to all this, we make sure that Revolution Field Hockey Camps are associated with some of the sport’s most recognizable organizations, including the National Field Hockey Coaches Association, Harrow Sports, and the United States Field Hockey Association. What’s great is that it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about going to a half-day, day, extended day, or overnight camp – we have the same high standards every single offering on our website!

With all of these benefits available, make this summer the year you take your field hockey game to the next level and join the Revolution. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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