Top 4 Reasons Why You Should go to Field Hockey Camp

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At Revolution Field Hockey Camps, our mission is to provide young athletes with the opportunity to become better field hockey players. We make this possible by providing instruction from America’s elite field hockey coaches in a positive and fun atmosphere.

To truly get better on the field, attending one of our field hockey camps is the best route to go. We know exactly what we’re doing because we’ve been doing this for a while – more than 10,000 athletes have joined us for one of our camps since opening our doors all the way back in 2002.

We understand that there are tons of different kinds of field hockey camps out there to choose from each summer – Revolution isn’t the only one. However, we can say with confidence that we’re the best option, every single time.

Why is that, exactly? We’re glad you asked! There are countless reasons why Revolution Field Hockey Camps are the only ones to attend each and every summer, but we did our best to narrow it down to the four reasons you see below. 

The Best Instruction Available

Probably the biggest thing that distinguishes our camps from all the others is the kind of staff we employ on an annual basis. Our directors and coaches include college field hockey champions, coaches from top-performing high schools, and even Olympians.

We know that signing up, paying for and attending a field hockey camp is a big commitment and you want to get something useful out of it. So, you should feel relaxed in knowing that you’re getting the best instruction from some of the top coaches in the sport from across the country.

Just take a look at which coaches joined us last summer.

Progressive Curriculum

Drills are the foundation of any sports camp, but it gets a little boring if you do too many of them, right? At Revolution Field Hockey Camps, you’ll learn how to play through a variety of formats.

This can range from speed and agility training to team and individual drills, allowing you to improve in every aspect of the sport. By participating in drills, games and development stations, the following techniques will be taught at camp: dribbling, passing and receiving, ball control, shooting, defensive tackling, positioning, teamwork, agility, footwork, scanning and tracking and 3D skills.

Personalized Experience

Every single player has different needs, strengths and areas for improvement on the field. That’s why our camp formats aren’t a “one size fits all” approach – we keep it open and fluid so we can help athletes get better in the areas in which they’re weakest.

We boast a low camper-to-coach ratio, which is intentional so our instructors can work individually with the young athletes in attendance; get to know them and what they want to work on.

Off-Field Lessons

Improving on the field is the goal, but we’re focused on developing well-rounded athletes so they can win on and off the field. It’s why our coaches are Double-Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance. The PCA is a nonprofit organization aimed at developing the entire athlete, as their mission of Better Athletes, Better People” suggests.

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