How to Choose the Right Field Hockey Camp

Field Hockey Camps - Group Photo Sunset Background

Just like any other type of summer camp, when you are choosing a field hockey camp, you have a lot of choices. While you are likely to have fun no matter what you choose, it is always a good idea to pick one that is going to get you the best experience for you.

That being said, here are a few things you should consider in order to pick the perfect field hockey camp for you.

The Date the Field Hockey Camp or Session Is Being Offered

Field hockey camps go on all summer, so unless there are other reasons to select a camp, you may not need to give up your family vacation in order to attend one. When deciding which camp to attend, look at the session that you are interested in and see when it is being offered. If it is not at the time that works best for you, then see if they have another session or if there is another camp with different dates.

If your available dates are flexible, you may even be able to find multiple camps or sessions to really build up your skills and playing level during a summer filled with field hockey.

The General Age of the Other Campers

While many camps will divide their campers by age from the start, it is still a smart idea to double check that this is the case. Some camps might accept all ages and then pair groups of similar age children together once they arrive, but other camps might be set up to have different ages come during different weeks or sessions.

When looking at the dates of camps or sessions, make sure that you look into the age range. It might be that a camp has the perfect dates for you, but that it caters to older or younger kids.

The Gender of the Other Campers

Who do you want to play field hockey with during the summer? Do you only want to play with members of your own sex? Many camps are female or male based, and so this might not be as much as a consideration as some of the other concerns listed here. However, just because a lot are geared for one gender does not mean that there are no co-ed camps out there.

If part of your plans include hanging out with the opposite sex or playing with and against them, you might want to see if you can find a camp that takes both genders.

The Skill Level of the Other Campers

This just might be the most important consideration you can take when deciding which field hockey camp to attend. It is very important to pick a camp that will teach you at the right skill level for you.

· If you chose a camp that is a higher skill level than you have reached, then you might be learning higher level skills before you learned the basic or intermediary skills that are necessary to perfect the higher skills. Not only will this mean you will have a much more difficult time picking up the new skills, it will also mean you won’t even be learning the lower level skills that you should be.

· If you chose a camp that is at a lower skill level than you, you will likely learn little. While you still might have a lot of fun, all that fun will not help you when it comes time for you to try out for a field hockey team or show off your new skills.

The Skills Being Taught at the Camp

Many field hockey camps go over all of the skills that you need in order to be a stellar field hockey player. However, if there is a particular skill you need help with or a specific position that you want to or currently play, then you may be able to find a camp with that focus.

For example, if you are a goalie, you might be able to find a camp or session that is entirely or largely dedicated to the position of goalie. Similarly, if you need extra help on your defense, you might be able to find a camp known for their defensive help.

While this might be a helpful consideration, it is still important to remember that one of the best ways to get better is in actual competition. In order to play games and scrimmages, it is a good idea to go to a camp that teaches everything. Because if all they are doing is training goalies, who are the goalies going to play against?

The Structure of the Camp

How is the camp being run? Is it an overnight camp or a day camp? Which do you prefer? Do they offer transportation or will you have to get yourself there every day? All of these are questions you have to ask yourself when you decide which camp is right for you.

The Location of the Camp

How far away the camp you attend is from where you live is really important. If you are attending a day camp, then you are going to want to find a camp that is closer to you in order to cut out the daily commute to and from camp.

On the other hand, if you are going to an overnight camp, then you might decide to go to a place farther away in order to see a new area or because the camp you want to attend is farther away.

The Length of the Camp

How long do you want to stay at camp? Some players want to find a camp or camps that last all summer. However, others only want to go a few days and spend the rest of the summer doing other things. The length of the camp is another important consideration you should take.

The fact that there are so many things you need to consider is great for you. It means you have a lot of options. Finding the right field hockey camp is a lot easier when you have many options to choose from.