Field Hockey Drills

Aspiring Field Hockey Players at Training Camp

Everyone wants to find ways to improve their field hockey skills, but the resources may not always be available in order to make this a reality. Not everyone is able to head off to the fields in order to have as much space as possible and run some drills.

Some people need to be a little resourceful, and that’s why we want to help. If you’re looking for drills you can do in the comfort of your own home or backyard since time and space are limited, then the following three drills will be right up your alley.

Lateral Movement for Agility

In a game like field hockey where it’s very important to be agile and have the ability to move in any direction at the drop of a hat, working on your agility is absolutely necessary. The following drill will only need 5-10 meters of space, five cones, your field hockey stick and a ball to dribble back and forth.

Get all the details to this cool drill in the video below:

Cutting for Agility

Remember when we just mentioned how field hockey players must be able to move in any direction at a moment’s notice? We weren’t kidding! This next drill is going to help improve your ability to effectively cut while dribbling the ball on the field.

You still only need five cones, your stick and ball, along with about 10 meters of room. After putting the cones in the shape of a “W” at the prescribed lengths, it’ll be go time. Check out the details below:

Pop & Burst Agility Drill

You’re going to need nine cones to set this drill up, and they’ll be forming a triangle for you to maneuver your way through. This movement will help improve your acceleration, so when there’s a defender hot on your tail while heading down the field, you’ll be able to find that extra gear and create a little separation.

These are all the kinds of things we like to hit on at our Revolution Field Hockey Camps. What’s special about us is that while we hit on all the basics, our coaching staff does a terrific job of creating a progressive curriculum that goes beyond just doing the same drills over and over again.

After all, that gets boring and it’s hard to get excited about improving your game like that! We want to keep you guys guessing by finding creative ways to help you get better in the areas of your game that need it most.

Since 2002, we’ve been honored to help more than 10,000 field hockey athletes accomplish their goals in the sport. And we want you to be one of the next ones that joins us this summer!

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