4 Reasons Why You Should be at Field Hockey Camp This Summer

Everyone wants to improve as a field hockey player, but what’s the best way to get it done? It takes a lot of hard work and dedication along the way, which are all things you can receive at one of our Revolution Field Hockey Camps this summer.

We’ve been offering camps to youth players since 2002 and have had the pleasure of welcoming and training over 10,000 campers. While our time with campers is short, we take great pride in watching them make drastic improvements in different areas of their game.

Why exactly should you choose a Revolution Field Hockey Camp over another in your area? There are so many benefits, but we’ve narrowed it down to the four most important ones here.

Top-notch instruction

When it comes to providing instruction, we only bring in the best to power our staffs around the country. Our directors include NCAA champions, coaches from top high schools and Olympians. Knowing our campers are receiving the highest quality training from some of the best in the sport is not a goal for us – it’s an expectation.

What kind of coaches and players could you get exposure to? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a list of who joined our staff for last year’s camps.

Valuable experience in honing important skills

If you attend field hockey camp, chances are your game is going to improve, but how? Where exactly will you see the difference once next season starts? We want to ensure you see measurable results to know that the time spent with us was well worth it.

The following field hockey techniques will be developed through a variety of drills, games and stations: dribbling, passing and receiving, ball control, shooting, defensive tackling, positing, teamwork, agility, footwork, scanning and tracking, 3D skills and more.

Personalized attention

No two field hockey players are the same, and they shouldn’t be treated as such, either. When it comes to premier field hockey performance, we’re aware there’s no one-size-fits-all program that will help everyone get better. Group drills are great, but it doesn’t beat individual attention in order to really take your game to the next level.

We keep a low camper-to-staff ratio to achieve this. Our coaches and athletic trainers are constantly supervising campers to make sure they’re respecting the rules and adhering to health and safety guidelines, along with pushing their personal limits to experience growth as an athlete and person.

Players of all skills will see improvement

Most of Revolution Field Hockey Camps are open to both boys and girls from ages 8 to 18, and for all positions and ability levels. We also have some sites that offer half-day training opportunities for 6 to 9 year olds.

We welcome campers of all ages, ability and performance because right at the beginning, we group them accordingly so there is an even playing field. Our main goal is to make sure campers get the most out of their experience, and this is the best way that happens.

Interested in signing up for a Revolution Field Hockey Camp this summer? Click here to find a camp near you and receive more information.